Dependable Networking, Low-Power Wireless and Micro-Robotics
Dependable Networking, Low-Power Wireless and Micro-Robotics

Inria-AIO is a leading research team in low-power wireless communications. The team is designing Tomorrow's Internet of (Important) Things. It pushes the limits of low-power wireless mesh networking by applying them to critical applications such as robotics, industrial control loops, with harsh reliability, scalability, security and energy constraints. Inria-AIO co-chairs the IETF 6TiSCH and IETF LAKE standardization working group and co-leads Berkeley's OpenWSN project. Inria-AIO is heavily involved in real-world applications, and oversees over 1,000 sensors deployed on 3 continents for smart agriculture, smart city and environmental monitoring applications. The team's research program is organized around 5 pilars: Smart Dust, Low-Power Wireless Networking, Security in Constrained Systems, Swarm Robotics and Vehicle Area Networking. The team is associated with Prof. Pister's team at UC Berkeley, working on Smart Dust.

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