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Changed on 20/02/2023

Inria was charged by the SNIA with coordinating all activities related to training and research in the field of artificial intelligence, and in particular with the transverse animation of the 3AI institutes created in the first phase of this strategy. Through these four institutes, Inria's activity has continuously developed. In addition, in support of public policies and with the support of the Ministry of the Economy, Inria launched the Regalia pilot project aimed at detecting bias in digital platforms.

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National coordinator of the AI Programme: Jean-Michel Lefevre

Associated national strategy: SNRIA

Structural public funding:

Preferred national partner organisations: CNRS, CEA

Preferred partner universities: UGA (3IA MIAI), UCA (3IA Côte d’Azur), PSL (3IA Prairie), Toulouse ecosystem (3IA ANITI), UPS (DataIA), SU (SCAI),… + IMT.

Large-scale projects in support of public policies:

  • Centre of expertise in Paris, in the framework of the Global Innovation Partnership (GPAI)
  • LaborIA, a joint Living Lab with the Ministry of Labour, to study the impact of the massive arrival of AI in organisations
  • RegalIA pilot project, in support of the digital regulator (PEReN)
  • Joint LabIA with DINUM

Totem locations: 3IA centres, DataIA (UPS), SCAI (Sorbonne Université)

Major technological infrastructures:

  • Scikit Learn (SNRIA 'Project P16'), an open source software infrastructure for AI

Major industrial partnerships:

Examples of startup projects supported in Inria Startup Studio:

  • AIVerse (synthetic generation of labelled data)

European dimension:

  • Franco-German framework agreement Inria-DFKI (2020 January)
  • Coordination of the CSA ADRA-E for the AI/data/robotics public-private partnership
  • The Claire's European Network, whose French office is supported by Inria
    ELLIS European Network
  • Inria London Programme (whose framework agreement University College London to come)

International dimension:

  • Choose France (international attractiveness of high level scientists)
  • Mondial partnership to AI (PMIA/GPAI)

Training actions:

  • CMA participation
  • Business Line « Scikit Learn » of Inria Academy
Illustration Enjeu IA : Poppy Torso : apprentissage par curiosité
© Inria / Photo C. Morel

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