Inria publishes its 2023 Annual Report

Changed on 02/07/2024
Like every year, Inria publishes its annual report. This twenty-four-page document provides an overview of the Institute's 2023 activities.
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Portrait Bruno Sportisse

2023 was the final year of our objectives and performance contract with the French government for the period 2019-2023: the growth trajectory we've experienced since 2019 has illustrated the robustness of our strategy, which has anticipated and embraced changes in our environment. Our Institute has shown that it is up to the challenge, by providing a clear, integrated vision of digital technology at the heart of an ecosystem, capable of strengthening France's strategic autonomy through research and innovation.


Bruno Sportisse


Inria CEO

24 pages on Inria's year 2023

Summary of our 2023 annual report:
  • Editorial  by Bruno Sportisse
  • Inria 2023 in a few dates
  • Key figures
  • Excellence in collaborative research
  • Accelerating our impact together
  • European and international collaborations
  • Scientists in the spotlight in 2023
  • Financial review 2023

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