Inria publishes its 2022 Annual Report

Changed on 07/11/2023
Digital health, disability, environment, education, energy... this annual report opens a window on the involvement of digital sciences in some of the most pressing issues facing our society. It's also an opportunity to bring together scientists, partners and staff from our institute. Happy reading!
Cover Annual Report 2022
Portrait Bruno Sportisse

Given the impact digital is having across society, if we are to remain masters of our fate then public research has serious responsibilities to face up to: digital sovereignty; algorithmic decision-making across all sectors (from health to the workplace); the virtualisation of the world and the possible deconstruction of the physical world; the impact of the digitisation of the world, particularly on young people; challenges for our democracies; developing a sustainable and eco-friendly trajectory for digital, and so on. Dynamics within research and innovation will themselves be transformed with the coming to maturity of Generative AI, which will pose a real challenge to us as scientists in terms of our research practices.


Bruno Sportisse


Inria CEO

Our Digital Future, Inria's 2022 magazine


  • Editorial Bruno Sportisse
  • Highlights of 2022
  • Inria's site strategy
  • Improving the lives of people with disability and health pathways
  • Acting for environment
  • Amplifying contemporary energy mutations
  • Innovate for education
  • Using digital reliability of information and services
  • Portraits : When mathematics metts machine learning
  • The Inria Foundation
  • The Defense ans Securit Mission
  • Financial Report
  • Key figures

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