Inria publishes its 2021 activity report

Changed on 30/10/2023
Our 2021 annual report is published! AI, cybersecurity, quantum, IoT, digital health... we share our thoughts, our projects, our successes by bringing scientists and partners together in an open format.
Activity report


While digital technology, which is omnipresent in our lives as citizens, entails as many risks as it does promises and raises as many questions as it answers, what is Inria's role, what are its commitments, what are its actions, or more simply, what is its impact?

This is what we invite you to discover in our 2021 annual report. We wanted it to reflect our image, that of a platform institute open to exchanges and partnerships, at the heart of the academic, industrial and entrepreneurial ecosystems of digital technology, at the forefront of research and innovation in and through digital technology, with a single concern: to strengthen our impact in order to build digital sovereignty through research and innovation.

This is why, in this annual report, in addition to presenting our strategy and results, we wanted to give the floor to several of our partners, whether academic, industrial or institutional, to share and understand their vision of our institute and digital technology.

Our Digital Future, Inria's 2021 magazine

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Editorial of Bruno Sportisse
Our territorial strategy

How to build an Artificial Intelligence of trust?
By Fabien Gandon, Research director at Inria
and Renaud Vedel, Coordinator of the National Strategy for AI

What impact will digital have on health care in the future?
By Hugues Berry, Deputy scientific director in charge of Digital Biology and Health at Inria
and Alexandre Mebazaa, Professor of medicine at the University of Paris, Head of the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care department at Lariboisière Hospital

What is the invisible world behind the Internet of Things?
By Nathalie Mitton, Inria Director of research, Head of FUN team-project

Is Cybersecurity just a matter of protection?
By Hubert Duault, Head of the Cybersecurity programme at Inria,
Ludovic Mé, Deputy scientific director in charge of Cybersecurity at Inria
and Geoffroy Hermann, Referent for research at the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI)

What will Quantum technologies change in the world order?
By Harold Ollivier, Head of QuantumTech@Inria,
Marie-Hélène Pautrat, Director of European Partnerships
and Cécile Vigouroux, Director of International Relations

Meeting with the economist Philippe Durance

Financial report