Inria publishes its 2020 activity report

Changed on 18/03/2021
Every year, Inria publishes its activity report for the previous year. In its 20 pages of scientific and economic successes, the report pays particular tribute this year to the commitment and action of all the Institute's staff, in both crisis and strategic projects.
Rapport annuel 2020


What to remember about 2020? Although the last twelve months have been marked by a major health and economic crisis, Inria has been able to draw on its internal strengths to continue moving forward and deploying new projects. The year was marked by the Institute's commitment to the fight against the pandemic, through the projects of the Inria Covid-19 Mission, with hospital teams, but also through the management of the TousAntiCovid application and with the General Health Directorate. 

2020 was also the year of development of new scientific and innovation projects, following the signing of a Contract of Objectives and Performance, the Inria 2023 Ambition project, with the State in February 2020. These projects include several international partnerships on specific issues (AI, the environment, etc.), the creation of a pilot project on the regulation of algorithms, the development of the Institute's Startup Studio, and the launch of Inria Academy

All of these projects and missions were made possible by the involvement of all of the Institute's employees, whether scientists or support staff. This support has been noted and praised by all of Inria's senior management in this 20-page activity report, which can be found below.

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