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Sarah Alzieu - 31/03/2017

Software Heritage : partnership agreement Inria-UNESCO

On Monday 3 April 2017, the Inria and UNESCO will demonstrate their commitment to preserving the software heritage by signing an agreement on the Software Heritage Project.

The Inria is proud of this partnership which will develop common projects to preserve and share humanity’s technological and scientific knowledge.

The cooperation forms part of UNESCO’s protection and preservation work, now extended to intangible heritage assets, and is the first time that software has been included.

Software is present in all current scientific innovations and discoveries, and forms an integral part of our lives. Because it is essential to maintain humanity’s technical and scientific knowledge, it requires robust preservation measures, and the Software Heritage project, the equivalent for software of the Library of Alexandria, has risen to the challenge. By collecting, organizing, preserving and making universally accessible the source code of all the software available, Software Heritage aims to set up a key infrastructure to serve society, science and industry.

The signing ceremony will take place in the presence of Irina Bokova , Director General of UNESCO, and François Hollande , President of the French Republic. It will close with the award of trophies to the project sponsors, Microsoft, Société Générale, Intel, Huawei, DANS, Nokia Bells Labs and the University of Bologna.