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Smart City & Mobility Innovations: Towards environmental and social sustainability

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On Monday 11th May 2015, a new edition of Inria Industry Meetings will be held on the theme of Smart City & Mobility Innovations, organized by Inria, Inria@SiliconValley and PRIME.

For the first time, this event will take place in San Francisco demonstrating how Inria is contributing to global innovation in digital technology.

This event aims at fostering collaboration and create business opportunities between Inria research teams / startups and American companies. It is a unique occasion to discover cutting-edge innovations and solutions pertaining to:

  • Urban physical and social sensing (air quality, noise pollution, transport, etc.)
  • Big data analysis for city planning, traffic management and personalized mobility
  • Wireless communications, sensor networks, communication optimization, urban networks
  • Data ownership, privacy and security
  • Democratization of urban information and citizen engagement
  • New mobility solutions (robotized and autonomous systems)

Three questions for Isabelle Ryl , director of the Inria Paris-Rocquencourt research centre

The centre has already organised events on the "smart city" theme: why have you chosen this theme again?

Several of the centre's project teams are working - in a very dynamic way - on various research topics relating to the cities of tomorrow as we imagine them, so we've got things to show! The smart city question is also a core consideration for many large cities, as well as smaller ones that are driving innovation for both small and large businesses. It is therefore important that the actors in this exciting field meet up. 

Inria@SiliconValley and PRIME are co-organising the event. Can you tell us more about this collaboration?

Paris Region Entreprise is a partner of the Paris - Rocquencourt centre for actions aimed at businesses. The aim of Prime, its subsidiary in San Francisco, is to develop partnerships between the Paris region (Île-de-France) and the United States, and between R&D centres and companies in particular. And so, quite naturally, a collaboration emerged between Inria@SiliconValley and Prime in 2012 around promotional events for innovative activities in the digital sector.

Why an RII (Inria-Industry Meeting) in San Francisco?

Paris and San Francisco have a cooperation agreement, renewed in 2012, that highlights a shared desire to develop innovative research and development programmes furthering the transformation of cities which, tomorrow, will be smart, participative and durable. Inria's research programme on this theme entails collaborations with numerous Californian teams. After having organised smart cities events in Paris involving said teams, we thought it would be interesting to bring the technologies developed by Inria face to face with San Francisco's extremely dynamic ecosystem.

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