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2010 internal competitions

Marie-Laure Prévot - 4/10/2010

Nineteen engineer and technician openings

Personnel ITA © INRIA / Photo Kaksonen

In 2010, Inria is recruiting 19 engineers and technicians in research support roles. Subject to seniority, internal competitions are open to all civil servants and civil service contract workers, whether from Inria, other public science and technology institutions or other State, local government and public hospital civil servant positions. The entry conditions are laid out below.

Employment conditions

To enter, you must be working at Inria or temporarily assigned to a different post within the civil service. Note that work also encompasses various types of leave that may be taken (annual, sick, maternity, adoption and professional training leave).
Eligibility for admission to internal competitions is not subject to age.

Seniority conditions

The seniority condition for access to corps in the A and B categories is assessed the day before the first test (the first meeting at which applications are examined by the jury).
If you belong to one of the EPST corps, seniority conditions are assessed in accordance with years of service performed within your corps or while occupying a position of temporary assignment as part of this corps.
If you are an incumbent in other civil service corps or hold a non-incumbent position within the civil service, your corps or your post will be attached to one of the EPST corps as per the conditions stated in decree 83-1260. The seniority conditions are the same as those that apply within the EPST corps. (See the candidate guide).

Breakdown of the nineteen engineer and technician positions :

  • 3 Research Engineers (all branches of professional activity)
  • 4 Design Engineers (all branches of professional activity)
  • 8 Assistant Engineers (all branches of professional activity)
  • 4 Research Technicians (all branches of professional activity)

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