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Leslie Lamport honoured with the Turing Award

Leslie Lamport Leslie Lamport - © Bernard Lachaud

Leslie Lamport, a researcher at the Inria-Microsoft Research joint laboratory, has been named as the winner of the Turing Award for 2013. The accolade is conferred by the Association for Computing Machinery and considered the "Nobel prize for computing."

Inria would like to offer him its warmest congratulations on this distinction, which constitutes the crowning achievement of a pioneering scientific career dedicated to the reliability and consistency of computing systems.
Over the course of his career as a theoretician in the areas of distributed algorithms and logic, Leslie Lamport has worked in particular on formal modeling and verification protocols, with the aim of optimising the performance and reliability of distributed systems. He has also been singled out by the ACM for "fundamental contributions to the theory and practice" of his field, "notably the invention of concepts such as causality and logical clocks."
Jean-Jacques Lévy, former Director of the Inria-Microsoft Research joint laboratory, recalls the days when they first worked together, more than twenty years ago, at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), a pioneering company in the American computing industry. For Jean-Jacques Lévy, the breadth of work undertaken by Leslie Lamport, including LaTex (with its thousands of users), and TLA+ (Temporal Logic of Actions), makes this prize a "well deserved" honour.

The Turing Award will be presented at an official presentation ceremony on 21 June in San Francisco.

Keywords: Distributed Computing ACM Microsoft research