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A.B. relu ML.G. - 14/11/2017

"Smart Search and Privacy": Qwant and Inria launch a joint laboratory

On the occasion of Inria's 50th anniversary, Qwant and Inria have just signed a strategic research partnership agreement entitled "Smart Search and Privacy". This collaboration takes the form of a joint laboratory, for a duration of four years, focusing on the themes of information searches on the Web, security, programming languages, new data published on the Web, the processing of multimedia resources and the respect of privacy.

The aims of this collaboration

The first contacts between Qwant and Inria began within the scope of the work conducted by the Wimmics team (Inria), on the themes of the Data Web and education.

The first objective for Qwant is to continuously improve the algorithms and technologies relating to its core business: to collect, index, search, sort, interact, secure, distribute and protect data. It is also about developing new functionalities such as the detection of emotions or the analysis of videos, or new products like Qwant Junior, each time keeping in mind the notion of 'privacy' and the ability to give control of their data back to the users.

For Inria, the objective is to develop a technical collaboration with a fast-growing European Web player, by working on and with the algorithms, models and large volumes of data from a real search engine with millions of users and very heterogeneous content. In particular, this collaboration aims to work on the extremely sensitive subject of citizens' privacy.

Search engines are a vital component of the Web, enabling the necessary links to be created - particularly at the start of each browsing session. We are delighted about this collaboration with Qwant, which will make it possible to provide this service with ever-increasing intelligence and efficiency whilst respecting privacy - a key element in the democratisation of the Web.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Antoine Petit, Inria CEO

The Qwant-Inria joint laboratory

In order to develop their collaboration, Qwant and Inria wanted to set up a joint research laboratory on the theme: "Smart Search and Privacy". This partnership consists of four research areas:

  • Crawling, indexing, execution platform searching, privacy by design, security
  • Mapping, geography, maps, globe, GPS, navigation, itineraries, traffic
  • Augmented interactions, connected objects, online assistants, personal assistants
  • Education (EdTech) and users of Qwant Junior

All of the Inria project teams relevant to the above four themes are concerned (around 20 research teams from the eight Inria centres have already been identified).

This joint laboratory will be led by Fabien Gandon (Inria, Wimmics, Inria-UNS/UCA-CNRS joint project team and Inria's W3C representative), with Sylvain Peyronnet as deputy director (Qwant, scientific director).

The Qwant-Inria joint laboratory is a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the implementation of a European champion that respects the data and concretely addresses the issues of trust and security with regard to Web searches.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Éric Léandri, Qwant CEO

Keywords: Qwant Privacy & Data Protection WIMMICS Security models