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DRI - 31/03/2015

Inria participates to the French-Japanese dialogue on Cybersecurity

Cyber Security

The Institute jointly organizes with the French Embassy in Japan, CNRS, NICT and Keio University, a workshop devoted to cybersecurity that will be held in Tokyo on April 1st and 3rd, 2015.

The development of Information sciences and technologies as well as the extension of the Internet network to connected objects represent tremendous opportunities while making our societies more and more vulnerable to the risks inherent to the cyberspace. Cyber-attacks against governmental institutions, critical infrastructures, companies and individuals have considerably developed and sophisticated in recent years. Cybersecurity now raises privacy, competitiveness and national sovereignty issues. Being able to anticipate, create confidence, protect data and manage crises has therefore become essential.

This is a topic of common interest between France and Japan. First it was identified as a national security
challenge in the French official report on defense and national security, and a key topic for French industrial competitiveness by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Information Technology, being one of the 34 plans for the “New Industrial France”. It was also defined by the Japanese government as one of the main national priorities, as described in the cybersecurity strategy of Japan, announced in June 2013 and the Basic Act on Cybersecurity, adopted in Japan in November 2014.

Furthermore international cooperation is essential to understand and master the risks associated with the
cyberspace, as they are by nature global. France and Japan have thus launched a bilateral political dialogue in 2014 in order to join forces on this topic.

In order to develop the technological and science part of this dialogue, the French Embassy in Japan, Inria, CNRS, NICT (the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies) and Keio University, jointly organizesa French-Japanese workshop dedicated to Cybersecurity in Tōkyō, on April 1st to 3rd 2015.

This workshop that will bring together some 80 experts and stakeholders from both private and public sector, aims at mapping the current situation of French and Japanese knowledge and strengths in order to identify potential collaborations between the two countries.

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