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Céline Acharian - 18/03/2011

Microsoft Research-Inria Forum 2011

On April 12th, Inria and Microsoft will organize a forum, to be held at Le Campus Microsoft, to celebrate four years of existence of the research centre created jointly by the two partners. This will be an opportunity to showcase a very fruitful research collaboration through research presentations and demonstrations.

The forum and its presentations are intended to make public the research results of the eight teams currently working at the joint “Inria-Microsoft Research” research center. The emphasis will not be on specialized topics, but rather on the areas of research carefully defined for this long-term effort and meant to be accessible to the international scientific community: formal methods, software security and computer science research applied to the sciences.

The presentations and demonstrations scheduled throughout the day will provide evidence of the effectiveness of this collaboration between researchers from Inria and Microsoft Research, where the complementary nature of their approaches and experience is a catalyst for scientific research results, all software and publications included.

Whether the product is an encyclopedia of mathematical functions, software for computer-assisted vision or work on Coq or CamL, the results of this research are all public.

Keywords: Microsoft Research Méthodes formelles Preuves Fonctions mathématiques Vision artificielle E-Sciences TLA+ Coq Ssreflect ReActivity Laboratoire commun Saclay - Île-de-France