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Antoine Petit visits the centre Inria Chile

Inria's chairman and CEO travelled to Chile to strengthen ties with Inria's centre there and meet various strategic partners.

On the sidelines of French President François Hollande's visit to Chile, Inria Chairman and CEO Antoine Petit had the opportunity to take a close look at projects carried out by the Inria Chile team in 2016, including Tsunami Lab, The Drop Watcher and Alstock. He stressed increased efforts to develop and align research with the needs of Chilean society and industry and its rapidly expanding economy: “I take away a very positive impression of the projects of Inria Chile, because they concern not only diverse aspects of the Chilean economy, but seek to improve the living standard of the society in general ,” noted Petit.

During the visit, Antoine Petit also had occasion to visit certain representatives of strategic partners, including Corfo, Innovation Centre UC, Meric Centre of Excellence and NetMentora.

We seek to strengthen ties between Inria and Inria Chile by encouraging the development of still more joint projects.

                                                                                                                                                 Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria

On Saturday, 21 January, in the final stop of his visit to Chile, Petit participated in the Second Chile-France Scientific and Academic Forum at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which inaugurated the start of the Franco-Chilean Year of Innovation, which includes 56 joint projects. The meeting he attended with Claude Puech, Director of Inria Chile, was presided by Michelle Bachelet and François Hollande. Certain objectives defined during the Chile-France Forum were aimed at strengthening existing scientific and academic ties between France and Chile and encouraging the development of joint projects and the creation of new instruments for bilateral cooperation.

Unprecedented in Chile, a group effort by the French Embassy, Institut Français and Inria Chile was presented during the event: an interactive platform for learning about and consulting all joint academic and scientific projects between the two countries. Inria Chile is responsible for developing the website, while the Institut Français updates and manages all data concerning the bilateral projects. With the platform, the user can compare cities and regions in the two countries, and see frequency and type of collaboration (bachelors, masters or doctorate).

This platform illustrates the close ties between France and Chile. It's a kind of scientific cloud, which we should strengthen with reforms in education and joint research.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           François Hollande

A series of workshops and round tables on diverse subjects such as renewable energy, coastal environments, sustainable water management and health took place during the encounter. Antoine Petit took part in the round table on scientific and institutional cooperation: “Inria Chile makes contributes in these areas through the Internet of things and applied research, as well as through technology transfer and development ,” he affirmed.

Lastly, President Michelle Bachelet stressed the importance of the project, found at, because it “demonstrates the long history of collaboration between the two countries, a collaboration that includes not only science and technology, but also poetry, music and human rights.

We seek to strengthen ties between Inria and Inria Chile by encouraging the development of still more joint projects.

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