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Michel Serres © CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0


Michel Serres and Digital Technology

Gilles Dowek - 14/06/2019

Michel Serres has died and the world has lost a universal thinker, an explorer whose journeys took him from science to religion, from Jules Verne to Hergé and from Leibniz to Carpaccio.




FUTUR.E.S - The festival celebrating sustainable digital innovation

DCOM - 5/06/2019

For 10 years now, FUTUR.E.S has been one of the main events on the tech scene in France, and in Europe more generally. Our researchers will attend conferences on health, disabilities and data security. On top of all of that, the demos space will be the setting for the launch of the AGILIS project, a neuroprosthesis designed to help people who have been paralysed regain their mobility, while the Inria Expo will look back on the story of the digital revolution. 



© Préfecture de Police - Tous droits réservés


Handling emergency calls: tropical geometry for emergency services in Paris


Paris Police Prefecture have undertaken ambitious reforms to their system for handling emergency calls made to 17, 18 or 112, both within the capital and its inner suburbs.

As part of this, they sought expert advice from Inria and the École Polytechnique for the project consolidation phase and subsequently to demonstrate the benefits.



© Inria Photo Raphaël de Bengy


DiagRAMS revolutionising predictive maintenance


DiagRAMS is a project primarily aimed at putting predictive maintenance tools in the hands of those that need them the most. It is also a remarkable entrepreneurial adventure, one which came about as a result of a meeting between two partners from the InriaTECH platform and the Modal project team from the Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.



Artificial intelligence

Calls for SST and Inria projects in AI mobility and event organisation

Dcom - 21/05/2019

The Science and Technology Department of the French Embassy in Germany (SST) and Inria are jointly launching two calls for projects to support mobility and finance the organisation of events.



Collective platform

PlaFRIM celebrates 10 years of R&D and interdisciplinarity


10 years! The R&D platform PlaFRIM is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year. The past decade has seen the birth of a range of interdisciplinary collaborations, leading to success in various different fields. On the back of this success, the PlaFRIM team are keen to continue their upward trajectory, and to help invent the software of the future.



Inria obtains the Label “Human Resources - Excellence in Research”


Inria has just been awarded the Human Resources - Excellence in Research label by the European Commission, underlining the quality of its European Human Resources Strategy for Scientists (HRS4R). This label is an opportunity to highlight Inria's place in the European Research Area and its commitment to improving its attractiveness to the scientific community worldwide. Interview with Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau on Inria's commitment and its impact on research.




I2S–Geostat: an innovation lab for digital imaging

Com CRI Bordeaux - 15/05/2019

The project team Geostat and I2S, an SME specialising in high-end digital imaging in high-tech sectors, have formalised their intention to work together via the creation of a joint laboratory, to be known as the Inria Innovation Lab. Xavier Datin, managing director of I2S, and Hussein Yahia, head of the Geostat team, told us more about this shared project. 



Post-quantum cryptography: Inria well represented in an international competition


Since 2017, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has organised an international competition to standardise post-quantum cryptographic algorithms. Of the 26 submissions chosen as finalists, 7 are the fruit of research by Inria project teams. Anne Canteaut, head of the SECRET project team, talks to us about the objectives and challenges.



Première paire de lunettes présentée par la société 5th Dimension Première paire de lunettes présentée par la société 5th Dimension


Fashionable Glasses Deliver Augmented Hearing

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 14/05/2019

Paris-based company 5th Dimension is about to launch innovative glasses whose legs sport an audio device capable of filtering undesired background noise, improving the quality of a sound of interest and conveying it directly to the inner ear. The feat is made possible by a combo of technologies including two cutting-edge signal processing algorithms provided by Inria research center, in Rennes, Brittany, France.