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Fit Your Tech boosts startup projects

Julie Dugast - 4/11/2019

On October 25, Inria and the CEA launched the Fit Your Tech constest to detect and support future technology startups leaders. Open to scientific students and/or entrepreneurs, Fit Your Tech is a new access to research in digital Deeptech - data science, AI and IoT - as well as to the entrepreneurial support networks of the two Paris-Saclay institutions.



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Handling emergency calls: tropical geometry for emergency services in Paris


Paris Police Prefecture have undertaken ambitious reforms to their system for handling emergency calls made to 17, 18 or 112, both within the capital and its inner suburbs.

As part of this, they sought expert advice from Inria and the École Polytechnique for the project consolidation phase and subsequently to demonstrate the benefits.



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Blockchains: a chair for preparing the applications of tomorrow

Mediathena - 6/05/2019

When we hear the term“blockchain”, we automatically think of bitcoin or other virtual currencies, but the use of blockchains is not limited to these transactions. As a joint contribution to this promising innovation, Capgemini and École Polytechnique are to set up the chair“Blockchain & B2B Platforms”.The goal is to improve the IT technology on which these blockchains are based, to assess the corresponding economic transformations and to prepare future applications. Daniel Augot, Inria research director, will be one of the scheme’s coordinators, alongside the CNRS researcher Julien Prat.



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Find out more about rewriting theory and its applications

Mediathena - 3/05/2019

For its 11th edition, the International School of Rewriting is set to return to France.

From 1st to 6th July 2019, Inria and MINES ParisTech will be giving students and researchers the chance to learn how to use the basic tools of this computational model and to discover its wide range of possible uses.



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AI and defence

The Minister of the Armed Forces makes artificial intelligence a strategic national defence priority

Magalie Quet (*) - 10/04/2019

On Friday 5th April, the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research centre welcomed the visit of Ms Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, as she unveiled the ministry's strategy in relation to artificial intelligence. Bruno Sportisse, CEO and managing director of Inria, Jean-Yves Berthou, director of the centre, and Bertrand Thirion, interim director of the Institut de Convergences DATAIA, introduced them to examples of the latest technology developed by partner members of the institute.


Internet des Objets

RIOT: the “Linux” of the Internet of Things enters its maturity stages

Citizen Press (*) - 9/04/2019

Emmanuel Baccelli and Alexandre Abadie, members of the Inria team Infine will be giving a demonstration of the RIOT operating system at SIDO (Salon de l’internet des objets) on 10th and 11th April 2019. This open source operating system designed for the internet of things (IoT), which boasts an ever-growing community of users, saw the launch of its first commercial applications last year.



Prototype de disque de 5 cm - © Sanctuary


Sanctuary: leaving a mark on the Moon to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission

Hugo Leroux - 18/03/2019

The goal of the Sanctuary project, which involves scientists from Inria, the CEA and the CNRS, is to take a collection of works and knowledge engraved on sapphire discs to the Moon.

Evidence of human culture left for future civilisations - or possibly aliens...




Calculating with chemistry: François Fages awarded the La Recherche prize


Each year for the past 15 years, the La Recherche prize has been awarded for scientific excellence in French language research within 11 separate themes.

This year, it was François Fages from the Lifeware team who was honoured in the “Information Science” category for his work and publication.


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Biomedicine & Digital

Distinguishing resistence from resilience to prolong antibiotic potency

Université de Duke, Inria, Institut Pasteur - 12/12/2018

Biomedical engineers at Duke University, in collaboration with Inria and the Institut Pasteur (Paris), have shown experimentally that there is more than one flavor of antibiotic resistance and that it could -- and should -- be taken advantage of to keep first-line antibiotics in our medical arsenal.




The launch of the BART research collective website

Magalie Quet - 30/11/2018

The first scheme of its kind in France, the BART (Blockchain Advanced Research & Technologies) research collective, which brings together the Inria institute, the Télécom ParisTech and Télécom SudParis engineering schools and the SystemX technological research institute, has just launched its own website!