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Chair of Computer Science

Shaping the imaginary world: from 3D digital creation to animated virtual worlds


As the new holder of the Chair of Computer Science at the Collège de France, Marie-Paule Cani, Professor at Grenoble INP-Ensimag and head of the Imagine research team at Inria, shares her vision of the 3D creation revolution currently under way in a lecture which is accessible to all, from laymen to scientists to professionals in other sectors, at 6 PM on Tuesday 17th March at Ensimag, Lecture Theatre E at the University of Grenoble.

Marie-Paule Cani first delivered this lecture on 15th February as her inaugural lecture at the Collège de France.


EIT Health


InnoLife's proposal selected by European Institute of Innovation and Technology

UPMC - 11/12/2014

Healthy living and active aging: the "EIT Health" KIC (knowledge and innovation community)/InnoLife was selected following a call for proposals by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).



Computer Security

Inria has discovered a new loophole in the TLS protocol, widely used to secure data exchanges over the Internet

MD - 5/03/2014

On the 4th of March 2014, at the IETF 89 conference, a team of Inria researchers announced the discovery of a major security loophole in the TLS protocol. This protocol is the main security mechanism employed to protect communications over the Internet. Under certain circumstances, this weakness would allow hackers to steal the identities of users, particularly in banking and business networks. This loophole only affects a small number of Internet users and an update has already been released to address the problem. However, researchers at Inria are recommending that the TLS protocol be radically rewritten.



Michel Cosnard and Vinton Cerf signing partnership agreement © Inria / Photo J.M. Ramès Michel Cosnard Inria CEO & Vinton Cerf, Google Vice President - © Inria / Picture J.M. Ramès


Inria and Google sign a partnership agreement


Michel Cosnard, Chairman and CEO of Inria, France’s public research body dedicated to computational sciences, and Vinton Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google, have signed a general partnership agreement.



Protection de la vie privée Protection de la vie privée sur terminal mobile - © Inria / Photo H. Raguet

Private life

Delving inside smartphones and mobile apps with the CNIL and Inria

MD - 9/04/2013

Today, 24 million people in France own a smartphone, with around 1 million apps available which form part of their daily lives. However, users know very little about what happens inside these "little black boxes" which contain large amounts of personal information and are in fact very powerful computers. For the past year, the CNIL and Inria have been working together to analyse the data recorded, stored and sent by smartphones. They can now present the first results of this work. The CNIL used its internal innovation laboratory, and Inria its PRIVATICS research team to successfully carry out the project entitled Mobilitics.




Inria announces the creation of InSimo, an innovative company in the field of medical simulation software

MD - 7/03/2013

InSimo, a medical simulation software publisher, offers a software platform developed, among others, by Inria, which introduces a new generation of medical simulators to the market. These simulators are more accurate and take less time to develop. Furthermore, these simulators will help broaden the scope of application to meet new requirements in terms of assistance in planning and completing increasingly complex surgical operations.



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Inria and Fing embark on a partnership covering "Outlook, digital sciences and society"


Inria, a computational sciences research institute and Fing, the new generation internet foundation, wish to cooperate on a project entitled "Outlook, digital sciences and society". Philippe Lemoine, Chairman of Fing, and Michel Cosnard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inria, have today signed a partnership agreement to meet the challenges of the digital society of tomorrow.




A large-scale French project on video game applications for brain-computer interfaces


OpenViBE2 (2009-2013) is a collaborative research project supported by ANR funding and which is looking into the potential of so-called "brain-computer interfaces" (BCI) in the field of video games.




André Seznec wins first Intel Research Impact Medal


André Seznec, leader of team-project ALF at Inria Rennes, received the first Intel Research Impact Medal from the Intel Labs Academic Research Office.


French Stimulus Initiative

GreenStars, Towards a New Generation of Biofuels and Products with Micro-Algae


GreenStars, laureate of the French call for projects known as the “French Stimulus Initiative” (Investissements d’Avenir*) Institute of Excellence on Carbon-Free Energies, federates a network of collaborative platforms bringing together all the players in the development of micro-algae in France.