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MOOC "Internet Measurements: a Hands-on Introduction"

18/09/2017 to 13/11/2017

The MOOC "Internet Measurements: a Hands-on Introduction" will start on September 18n 2017 on the platform France Université Numérique. It will be taught by Timur Friedman from UPMC and Renata Teixeira from Inria.


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FUN: a MOOC on Linked Data in September!

25/09/2017 to 29/10/2017

The MOOC "Introduction to a Web of Linked Data" will start on 25 September on the French Mooc Platform, FUN (France Université Numérique). It is taught by Fabien Gandon, Olivier Corby and Catherine Faron-Zucker from the team Wimmics (Inria, I3S, CNRS, UNS).


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Colloquium Polaris


Wilfried Sieg involved in the Colloquium Polaris Friday october 27th from 14:oo to 15:30, Bât M5 Cité scientfique, Paul Langevin avenue in Villeneuve d'Ascq.

This colloquium is joined with the Philosophy department.

Place : Bât M5 - Amphi Bacchus -- Cité scientifique- Villeneuve d'Ascq

Guest(s) : Wilfried Sieg


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Scientist event

PGMO days 2017

13/11/2017 to 14/11/2017

This year, PGMO days (Gaspard Monge Program for Optimisation) are organized on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 November at the EDF-Lab in Saclay.

The event aims to bring together researchers and industrialists on all aspects of optimization.

Monday, November 13 will be devoted to 4 plenaries with renowned researchers :     

  • Aharon Ben Tal (Technion)
  • Roberto Cominetti (Santiago)
  • Frauke Liers (Erlangen)
  • Andrzej Ruszczynski (Rutgers)

Tuesday 14 November will be devoted to thematic sessions on all areas of optimization.

Place : EDF-Lab à Saclay


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Scientific Culture Event

From science to Opera

17/11/2017 to 19/11/2017

Using multiple approaches, from science to the arts, from philosophy to technique, From science to Opera allows the time of a weekend to share knowledge, discoveries and imagination around the sciences. This event offers different activities for each audience: a family moment and general public, a moment for a more informed public, a professional time or even workshops for the school. Always in the idea of sharing, discovering and surprising.


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Conference CobCom 2017

Computational Brain Connectivity Mapping

CoBCom 2017

20/11/2017 to 24/11/2017

The CoBCoM Winter School Workshop is targeted at graduate students, early career and senior researchers interested and working in structural and functional brain connectivities via multi imaging modalities including diffusion MRI, functional MRI, MEG, and EEG.

Place : Palais des congrès, Antibes-Juan les Pins


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European Big Data Value Forum 2017

21/11/2017 to 23/11/2017

This year the European Data Forum (EDF) and the BDVA Summit join forces to bring you the European Big Data Value Forum that will be held in Versailles (Palais des Congrès), France from 21st to 23rd November 2017. A focus will be given to the topic of «Trusted AI in Smart Industry».

Place : Palais des Congrès, Versailles, France


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Workshop NIPS 2017


(Almost) 50 shades of Bayesian learning : PAC-Bayesian trends and insights Workshop organised by Benjamin Guedj member of Modal inria project-team will be held on Long Beach Convention Center, Californie during NIPS 2017 conference.

Place : Long Beach Convention Center, Californie


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Conférence Programming 2018

Programming 2018

Programming conference - 2018

9/04/2018 to 12/04/2018

The International Conference on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming is a new conference focused on programming topics including the experience of programming. 

‹Programming› 2018 is the second edition of the conference. The first edition took place in Brussels in April 2017.

Place : Nice


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SMF 2018

4/06/2018 to 8/06/2018

The second national congress of the Mathematical compagny of France will be held from 4 till 8 June 2018 in Lilliad on the campus Cité scientifique at Villeneuve d'Ascq. Inria Lille- nordEurope center is partner of this event.

Place : Lilliad, cité scientifique Villeneuve d'Ascq


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