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Networked and embedded control

IGSC 2019

14/01/2019 to 27/07/2019

Every year, the European Embedded Control Institute (EECI) organize an International Graduate School on Control (IGSC).



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Inria Learning Lab

Two Moocs on Web technologies

4/02/2019 to 2/02/2020

Inria Learning Lab is opening two Moocs on Web technologies until 2019. One, in French, aims to provide training in data Web and Semantic Web standards; the other, in English, provides an introduction to related data standards and the principles behind the creation of the Semantic Web.

Place : FUN Platform

Guest(s) : Fabien Gandon, Olivier Corby et Catherine Faron-Zucker


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Robotics training

4th FAN Day (Training of Digital Ambassadors)


The 4th day of training of territorial relays in digital technology will be dedicated to robotics.

Place : Mulhouse

Guest(s) : Erwan Kerrien, Marie Duflot-Kremer, Laurent Pierron, Laurent Dupont

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Colloquium Polaris


Colloquium Polaris - Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc


Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc will be involved on Thursday, April 25  for the Colloquium Polaris, de 14h à 15h30. hosted at Ircica. The subject of his talk is "The IoT Fragmentation, Issues and Opportunities in Software Engineering Research".

Place : Ircica, 50 avenue Halley, Haute Borne, Villeneuve d'Ascq

Guest(s) : Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc


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Symposium of the research network on neurosciences from Lorraine (IT-neuro) (in French)


The theme of the symposium will be "Emotions/Motivation/Addiction"

Place : Université de Lorraine - Amphithéâtre de la Présidence - 34 cours Léopold, 54000 Nancy

Guest(s) : Frédéric Alexandre, Head of the research team Mnemosyne at Inria Bordeaux


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Summer school 2019

Numerical analysis Summer school 2019

13/05/2019 to 17/05/2019

Optimal Mass Transportation is a mathematical research topic which started two centuries ago with Monge’s work on the “Th ́eorie des d ́eblais et des remblais” This engineering problem consists in minimizing the transport cost between two given mass densities.

Place : Inria de Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff, 75012 Paris


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Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium : CoNeCo: Concurrency, Networks and Coinduction


Alexandra Silva, currently Professor of Algebra, Semantics and Computation at University College London will present, on 16 may 2019 "CoNeCo: Concurrency, Networks and Coinduction" on the next colloquium J. Morgenstern.

Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis, Amphithéâtre, Kahn Building

Guest(s) : Alexandra Silva (University College London)


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Summer School 2019

Computer Science CEA EDF INRIA Summer school 2019

24/06/2019 to 28/06/2019

Recent developments in neural network approaches (more known now as "deep learning") have dramatically changed the landscape of several research fields such as image classification, object detection, speech recognition, machine translation, self-driving cars and many more.

Place : UPMC - Sorbonne Universités – 75005 Paris, France


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Rewriting theory

International School on Rewriting

1/07/2019 to 6/07/2019

The 11th edition of the International School on Rewriting will be held from 1 to 6 July 2019 in Paris. Organized by Inria and MINES ParisTech, it is intended for Master and PhD students as well as researchers interested in the study of rewriting concepts and their application.

Place : MINES ParisTech


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Reinforcement Learning Summer SCOOL

1/07/2019 to 12/07/2019

Reinforcement Learning Summer SCOOL will be held on the university campus of Lille from 1st to 12th July. This school are organized by Sequel team.

Place : M5 building, campus cité scientifique, Villeneuve d'Ascq


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