Grenoble hosts the First Days of Computer Theatre (JIT)

12 to 14 Feb. 2020
Location :
Maison Minatec - Auditorium Grenoble INP

Parvis Louis Néel , 38000 Grenoble

Changed on 11/03/2021
Associated with the biennial Experimenta Arts-Sciences, the first edition of the Journées d'Informatique Théâtrale / First Days of Computer Theatre (JIT) will be held in Grenoble from 12 to 14 February 2020 (Grenoble INP auditorium).

The 1ères Journées d’Informatique Théâtrale / First Days of Computer Theatre (JIT) will assemble researchers, artists and computer engineers of the French theatre whose practice incorporates IT as a means of expression and/or a creative tool. Envisaging the emergence of a field of activities that could be termed “computer theatre”, following the model of computer music, the JIT will address all theatrical domains of artistic creation and technology (set design, acting, dramaturgy, sound, stage management, etc.) but also issues touching on documentation, annotation and archiving of the creative process, as well as questions of liaising with the public.

Régie en scène dans le spectacle Re:walden, J.-F. Peyret
© Maella-Mickaelle Maréchal
Stage management in the show - Re:walden, J-F. Peyret (2013)
Stage management in the show - Re:walden, J-F. Peyret (2013)

Digital tools offer performing artists a palette of creative possibilities, in real time or during production, of moving spaces, random in appearance, in which performers can evolve or even modify their virtual environment. The play of interaction between performers and scenography is changed by it, additionally causing considerable mutations of notions of corporeality and gesture. Above all, virtual sets permit performers and spectators to be immersed in the very heart of the world of the show, which opens new dramaturgical possibilities to artists, and poses new technical problems for computer scientists. 

If virtual sets constitute the visible face of computer theatre, digital dramaturgy could represent its subterranean ramifications. How can IT participate in the dramaturgy of a performance? How do artists put it at the service of their intentions? An area that invites examination as much for its uses by man as its impacts on humanity, an instrument that elicits new perceptions to reveal the underside of a dramatic work, or a tool acting on the very composition of a show or text, the uses of IT in theatre open the way for creative voices and dramaturgical development as yet little studied. 

Themes addressed during the JIT  :

  • sharing of experience and technical contributions around programming languages and creative tools offered by computer scientists to theatre artists and technicians; 
  • analysis of new scenography and dramaturgy rendered possible by technical innovation in computer theatre; 
  • attempts to define this new discipline, its scientific and artistic implications, and its links with the neighbouring domains of computer music, digital art, video games and immersive virtual reality. 
This first edition of the JITs is organized by the Performance Lab (Performance as research observatory), by the Univ. Grenoble Alpes and associated with the biennial Experimenta Arts-sciences (Hexagone, Scène nationale arts-sciences, Meylan). The JITs are jointly coordinated by Rémi Ronfard (Inria, LJK, UGA) and Julie Valero (UMR Litt&Arts, UGA) for the scientific committee; and by Andréa Giomi (Performance Lab, Univ. Grenoble Alpes), Virginie Meunier (Performance Lab, Univ. Grenoble Alpes) and Corinne Touati (Inria) for the organizing committee.

Practical information :