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The goal of the TEMICS project-team has been over its past 12 years of existence the design and development of algorithms and practical solutions in the areas of analysis, modelling, coding, communication and watermarking of images and video signals. In 2011, the watermarking activities have been stopped in order to re-focus on visual data analysis, modeling, representation, compression and communication. These areas of research will indeed be the focus of the successor project-team called SIROCCO. 2011 being a transition period between TEMICS and SIROCCO, the project-team activities have thus been structured and organized around the following inter-dependent research axes:

Analysis and modeling for compact representation and navigation By navigation we refer here to scene navigation by virtual view rendering, and to navigation across slices in volumic medical imagesin large volumes of visual data By visual data we refer to natural and medical images, videos, multi-view sequences as well as to visual cues or features extracted from video content.

Representation and compression of visual data

Distributed processing and robust communication of visual data

Given the strong impact of standardization in the sector of networked multimedia, TEMICS, in partnership with industrial companies, seeks to promote its results in standardization ( jpeg, mpeg). While aiming at generic approaches, some of the solutions developed are applied to practical problems in partnership with industry (Alcatel Lucent, Astrium, Orange labs., Technicolor) or in the framework of national projects ( ANR-ARSSO, ANR-PERSEE). The application domains addressed by the project are networked visual applications via their various requirements and needs in terms of compression, of resilience to channel noise, or of advanced functionalities such as navigation.

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