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Team Overview

In recent years, an active development of novel technologies dealing with medical training has become an increasingly important area of interest in health-care manufacturing. After developing real-time simulations targeting medical training, our research group SHACRA now focuses on challenges closer to the operation room, such as pre-operative planning and intra-operative guidance. By implementing advanced physical models and realistic human-computer interaction, we achieve a higher degree of accuracy, realism and reliability of our medical simulations. Our involvement in the IHU Strasbourg through many different projects translates the close connection established with clinicians. To pursue these directions, we also assembled a team with a multidisciplinary background.

Our team leads the development of the simulation framework SOFA, on which our research work relies. Developing SOFA is the platform on which we base our research implementations. Using this single platform significantly facilitates and accelerates the development of new simulations and prototypes. Finally, our research team actively promotes its latest innovations by participating and organizing many scientific events, such as the demonstration at the Assemblée National this year or the ISBMS conference.

Picture of most of the members of the SHACRA team, during the ISBMS conference taking place in Strasbourg

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