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Orion is a multi-disciplinary team at the frontier of computer vision, knowledge-based systems(KBS), and software engineering.

The Orion team is interested in research on reusable intelligent systemsand cognitive vision.

Research Themes

More precisely, our objective is the design of intelligent systems based on knowledge representation, learning and reasoning techniques.

We study two levels of reuse: the reuse of programs and the reuse of tools for knowledge-based system design. We propose an original approach based on program supervisiontechniques which enables to plan modules (or programs) and to control their execution. Our researches concern knowledge representation about programs and their use as well as planning techniques. Moreover, relying on state-of-the-art practices in software engineering and in object-oriented languages we propose a platform that facilitates the construction of cognitive systems.

In cognitive vision we focus on two research areas of automatic image understanding: video sequence understandingand complex object recognition. Our researches thus concern knowledge representation of objects, of events and of scenarios to be recognized, as well as knowledge about the reasoning processes that are necessary for image understanding, like categorization for object recognition.

International and Industrial Cooperation

Our work has been applied in the context of 3 European projects: AVITRACK, SERKET, CARETAKER. We have industrial collaborations in several domains: transportation (CCI Airport Toulouse Blagnac, SNCF, INRETS, ALSTOM, RATP, Roma ATAC Transport Agency (Italy)), banking (Crédit Agricole Bank Corporation, Eurotelis and Ciel), security (THALES R&T FR, THALES Security Syst, INDRA (Spain), EADS, Capvidia, Multitel, FPMs, ACIC, BARCO, VUB-STRO and VUB-ETRO (Belgium)), multimedia (Multitel (Belgium), Thales Communications, IDIAP (Switzerland), SOLID software editor for multimedia data basis (Finland)), civil engineering sector (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB)), computer industry (BULL), software industry (SOLID software editor for multimedia data basis (Finland), Silogic S.A) and hardware industry (ST-Microelectronics). We have international cooperations with research centers such as Reading University (UK), ARC Seibersdorf research GMBHf (Wien Austria), ENSI Tunis (Tunisia), National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), National Taiwan University (Taiwan), MICA (Vietnam), IPAL (Singapore), I2R (Singapore), NUS (Singapore), University of Southern California (USC), University of South Florida (USF), University of Maryland.

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