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Project overview

The Lande project is concerned with formal methods for constructing and validating software. Our focus is on providing methods with a solid formal basis (in the form of a precise semantics for the programming language used and a formal logic for specifying properties of programs) in order to provide firm guarantees as to their correctness. In addition, it is important that the provided methods are highly automated so as to be usable by non-experts in formal methods.

The project's foundational activities are concerned with the semantics-based analysis of the behaviour of a given program. These activities draw on techniques from static and dynamic program analysis, testing and automated theorem proving. In terms of static program analysis, our foundational studies concern the specification of analyses by inference systems, the classification of analyses with respect to precision using abstract interpretation and reachability analysis for software specified as a term rewriting system. Particular analyses such as pointer analysis for C and control flow analysis for Java and Java Card have been developed. For the implementation of these and other analyses, we are improving and analysing existing iterative techniques based on constraint-solving and rewriting of tree automata. Concerning the testingof software, we have in particular investigated how flow analysis of programs based on constraint solving can help in the process of generating test cases from programs and from specifications. More speculatively, a long-term goal is to integrate the techniques of proving and testing into a common framework for approximating program behaviour. Proof assistantsare used in the project to increase confidence in the verification analyses that are being developed.

An important application domain for these techniques is that of software security. Our activity in the area of programming language securityhas lead to the definition of a framework for defining and verifying security properties based on a combination of static program analysis and model checking. This framework has been applied to software for the Java 2 security architecture, to multi-application Java Card smart cards, to Java applets for mobile telephones and to cryptographic protocols. This has lead to methods for examining the access control and usage of resources on Java-enabled devices and to a tool for analyzing and simulating cryptographic protocols.

Lande is a joint project with the CNRS, the University of Rennes 1 and Insa Rennes.

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