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Hipercom project-team aims to design, evaluate and optimize the telecommunication algorithms. The aimed areas are protocols and standards dealing with communication support and quality of service management in wireless networks. The aimed activity fields are centered around the new networks and services supporting internet. Although we address the whole spectrum of telecommunication domain, practically the Hipercom project team is specialized in mobile ad hoc networks, mesh networks, wireless sensor networks and vehicular networks. However the thematic extends to the information theory as well as network and traffic modelling.

The scientific foundations are the following:

Analytic information theory,

Methodology for telecommunication algorithm evaluation,

Traffic and network architecture modeling,

Algorithm design, evaluation and implementation,

Simulation of network algorithm and protocols.

The objectives assigned to HIPERCOM were:

Theoretical limits of wireless networking with the study for instance of massive mobile dense wireless networks, delay tolerant networks and network coding.

New generation of OLSR, new services and protocols including autoconfiguration of wireless ad hoc networks, localization...

Wireless sensor networks: cross-layering, energy and bandwidth efficiency,

Vehicular and mobile applications for intelligent transportation systems as well as military tactical networks.

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