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Overall Objectives

The aim of the project is the development of new tools for medical imaging and robotics.

The images under consideration correspond to anatomical or functional medical images: conventional radiologic imaging, X-ray imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI: anatomical, angiographic, functional...), isotope and nuclear imaging (SPECT: single-photon emission computed tomography, PET: positron emission tomography), ultrasound or echographic imaging, histological imaging, microscopy, monocular or stereoscopic video sequences, etc.

The main target applications are :

assistance to diagnosis,

surgery simulation (either virtual reality or robotic),

image-guided therapy (planning, control, follow-up), which may require augmented reality techniques and robotics.

The tools developed in the project may find additional applications, in particular in the neurosciences (brain functional imaging), in pharmacology (image-based drug trials), in biology (3D confocal microscopy), in geology (3D seismologic images), in archeology and paleontology (CT imaging of fossils), and in industrial control processes (imaging of manufactured objects).

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