Vincent Calvez, ERC 2014 award winner

Changed on 25/03/2020
Vincent Calvez has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant. This award will enable him to expand his research into the collective behaviour and displacement of bacteria, a topic at the crossroads of mathematics and life sciences.

The ERC MESOPROBIO project (Mesoscopic models for propagation in biology) is more than just a mathematical challenge. It is also a significant contribution to achieving a better understanding of collective movements. From bacteria to invasive species, using equations to describe living systems.

Vincent Calvez is a researcher in the CNRS Pure and Applied Mathematics Unit (UMPA) and a member of the INRIA Numerical Modelling in Medicine (NUMED) project team at the ENS in Lyon. He specialises in the application of mathematical models to the life sciences. He has recently been awarded a CNRS bronze medal for his research shedding new light on the behaviour of bacteria. The medal is awarded in recognition of a researcher’s first work.