Together, let’s develop scientific, technological, and industrial leadership in the digital sector

Changed on 24/02/2020
18 February 2020 saw the official launch of Inria’s plan for the next three years, “Inria’s ambitions for 2023” in the presence of Ms. Frédérique Vidal, French Minister of Higher Education, Research & Innovation and Mr. Cedric O, French Minister of State for the Digital Sector, attached to the Minister of Economy & Finance and the Minister of Public Action & Accounts. The event was attended by Inria’s principal partners from academia, business, and industry. It was drawn to a symbolic close with the signing of Inria’s “objectives & performance agreement” with the French government for the period 2019-2023.
Signature du COP
© Inria / Photo M. Magnin - Signatures


As software “takes over the world”, France needs to create the right conditions for its digital sovereignty in order to maintain its strategic autonomy. Inria, the French National Research Institute for Computer Science, is seeking to meet this challenge through research and innovation. This makes Inria a courageous and committed contributor to the academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial digital ecosystem.

Accelerating the development of France’s scientific, technological, and industrial leadership, both developing and using digital technology, as part of a Europe-wide approach. Attracting talents and boosting France’s digital influence. Making an economic impact in the regions, with businesses from the industrial sector committed to digital transformation and the creation of technological start-ups.

Supporting the development of major research universities.

Making daring scientific choices and banking on innovation. Taking risks, pushing the envelope, experimenting with new organisations, and getting creative with major public policies.

This is Inria’s aim for 2023.


We won’t tackle any of the issues of our era without new knowledge and technologies. In addition to programmes to encourage new scientific initiatives, a strong focus was placed on the creation of new businesses, particularly by facilitating technology transfer and supporting the emergence of start-ups. This innovative new INRIA “objectives and performance agreement” is the result of thorough and in-depth dialogue. It provides the ambitious framework we require to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Frédérique Vidal, French Minister of Higher Education, Research & Innovation


With this “objectives and performance agreement”, Inria is ambitiously and responsibly committing to fight for France’s digital sovereignty, fully reflecting its roots and history. This daring research and innovation approach designed to achieve France’s technological ambitions is totally in line with the policy introduced by the government to guarantee our digital sovereignty

Cédric O, French Minister of State for the Digital Sector


Inria’s “objectives & performance agreement” reaffirms our role as a key player in the French government’s fight for cyber-sovereignty, through research and innovation. It frames our aims, commitments and responsibilities, and defines our duties as a French public research institute. Our work requires unswerving determination, because the challenges are complex and the difficulties numerous. It requires the confidence of all the stakeholders involved, whether internal or external, and their courage to see through the changes set in motion by Inria or driven by ever-faster digital development.

Bruno Sportisse, Inria's CEO and Chairman