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The VR4i Project Team inherits from the Bunraku Project Team and, before, from the Siames Project Team. Its purpose is the interaction of users with and through virtual worlds.

Virtual Reality can be defined as a set of models, methods and algorithms that allow one or several users to interact in a natural way with numerical data sensed by means of sensory channels. Virtual Reality is a scientific and technological domain exploiting computer science and sensory-motor devices in order to simulate in a virtual world the behavior of 3D entities in real time interaction with themselves and with one or more users in pseudo-natural immersion using multiple sensory channels.

Our main research activity is concerned with real-time simulation of complex dynamic systems, and we investigate real-time interaction between users and these systems. Our research topics address mechanical simulation, control of dynamic systems, real-time simulation, haptic interaction, multimodal interaction, collaborative interaction and modeling of virtual environments.