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SIRAC Research team

Distributed Systems for Cooperative Applications

  • Leader : Roland Balter
  • Research center(s) : CRI Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
  • Field : Networks and systems
  • Theme : Architectures and Systems

Team presentation

The research domain covered by Sirac is the construction of distributed systems and applications. Research is conducted in the two following areas

  • Construction of adaptable distributed applications
  • System support for high-performance information servers
Primary target applications considered for using methods and tools developed by the project are those which have strong needs for information sharing and communication:
  • Co-operative applications: groupware services, CAD environments.
  • Services for telecommunications.
  • Agent-based applications
  • Flexible data servers built on clusters of homogeneous machines.
Sirac is a joint project with Institut national polytechnique de Grenoble, and Université Joseph Fourier.

Research themes

  • Construction of distributed applications.

    The goal is to develop methods and tools for building adaptable distributed applications. Several experimental platforms are being developed, using various techniques (reflexive middleware, software agents, mobile environments).

  • System support for high-performance information servers. The goal is to provide a flexible and efficient support for the development of extensible information services on clustered servers. The main activity is targeted towards system services for high-speed network with memory mapping capabilities (Scalable Coherent Interface), to be used in large size (x 100) processor clusters.

International and industrial relations

  • Participation in the ObjectWeb consortium, which develops open source midleware.
  • Advanced development and technology transfer programmes with Bull (GIE Bull-INRIA Dyade).
  • Participation in several projects of the French Research Networks on Telecommunications and Software (RNRT and RNTL).
  • Research partnerships with France Télécom R & D.
  • Esprit project LTR C3DS (U. Newcastle, INRIA, Bull, Imperial College London) [ended in 2001].
  • ITEA project Athos.
  • ITEA project Pepita [ended in 2001].
  • International collaborations:
    • CaberNet Network of Excellence (European Union).
    • Imperial College
    • University of Lancaster
    • DIKU laboratory (University of Copenhagen)
    • Trinity College Dublin.

The Sirac project ended at the end of 2001. A follow-on project, Sardes, has started in January 2002. It develops and extends the main research directions of Sirac.

Keywords: Distributed systems Cooperative work Component-based programming Distributed shared memory Persistent distributed objects High-speed networks