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SINUS Research team

Numerical Simulation for the Engineering Sciences

  • Leader : Jean-antoine Désidéri
  • Research center(s) : CRI Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée
  • Field : Simulation and optimization of complex systems
  • Theme : Modelling and Scientific Computing

Team presentation

We aim at participating in the progress of numerical modelling, from the analysis of physical or mathematical models to the computer implementation of solution as well as optimisation algorithms. Our impact thus consists in proposing innovative numerical methods for the approximation of P.D.E.'s, analyzing models and numerical schemes and experimenting them by means of demonstrative examples. The principal current application domain is otimum-shape design in compressible flow problems.

Research themes

  • Production of methods: finite element methods, upwind TVD schemes applicable to unstructured grids, adaptive meshes, implicit and multigrid and/or multidomain, and parallel algorithms.
  • These methods are meant to prepare a new generation of more user-friendly codes for active parallel computing. Our natural active partners are numerical mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, numerical software manufacturers and engineers in fields related to applications.

International and industrial relations

  • CNES (numerical simulation in hypersonics nad optimization)
  • Dassault Aviation (optimum-shape design in Aerodynamics)
  • France Télécom (Maxwell equations)
  • Participation in several European Project :
    • FLOWnet (database for pre-industrial code validation);
    • INGENET (database on genetic algortyihms).
  • Participation in the MACSInet Network of Excellence (Mathematics, Computation and Simulation for Industry).

Keywords: Functional analysis Numerical analysis Multi-resolution analysis Finite element Fluid mechanics Combustion Hypersonic flow Euler equation Navier-stokes equation Vectorization Parallelism Adaptive mesh