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SERENA Research team

Simulation for the Environment: Reliable and Efficient Numerical Algorithms

Team presentation

The project-team SERENA is concerned with numerical methods for environmental problems. The main topics are the conception and analysis of models based on partial differential equations, the study of their precise and efficient numerical approximation, and implementation issues with special concern for reliability and correctness of programs. We are in particular interested in the reliability of the overall simulation process and its efficiency with respect to computational resources. Applications concern the impact of human activities on environment, its protection, and sustainable use of resources. They are pursued with industrial partners and academic collaborators.

Research themes

  • Applications
    • Multiphase flows and transport of contaminants in the subsurface
    • Energy production, sustainable use of resources
  • Mathematical techniques
    • Finite element, finite volume, mixed finite element, and discontinuous Galerkin methods
    • Structure-preserving schemes, general meshes
    • Domain decomposition and model coupling
    • A posteriori error estimates, adaptivity
    • Functional programming and formal proofs for scientific computing

International and industrial relations

  • Agence nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs (ANDRA), Commissariat à l'énergie atomique (CEA), Électricité de France (EdF), IFP Énergies nouvelles.
  • École nationale d'ingénieurs de Tunisie (LAMSIN, LMHE), Politecnico di Milano (MOX), Technical University Munich, Texas A&M University, Charles University in Prague, University of Texas in Austin (Center for Subsurface Modeling), University College London.

Keywords: Multiphase Darcy flow Navier–Stokes flow Porous media Energy production Multiphysics coupling Structure-preserving schemes Geometry Domain decomposition A posteriori error estimates Adaptivity Reliability Efficiency Parallelization Safe and correct functional programming Proofs of programs