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SAGE Research team

Simulations and Algorithms on Grids for Environment

  • Leader : Jocelyne Chaux
  • Research center(s) : CRI Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique
  • Field : Digital Health, Biology and Earth
  • Theme : Earth, Environmental and Energy Sciences
  • Partner(s) : Université Rennes 1,CNRS
  • Collaborator(s) : Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires (IRISA) (UMR6074)

Team presentation

Scientific computing is becoming increasingly ambitious, and thus more and more demanding in terms of computing power, data flow and memory capacity. The basic idea of grid computing is to link geographically distant equipment together, especially via the Internet, to constitute a network such that computer resources are simultaneously globalized and dematerialized.

The SAGE project-team undertakes research on high-performance computing and deals mainly with three subjects :

  • numerical algorithms, mostly large sparse linear algebra
  • parallel and grid computing
  • environmental applications, mostly in hydrogeology and geophysics.

Research themes

  • Larse sparse linear algebra
    • direct and iterative linear solvers
    • least-squares problems
    • eigenproblems
  • Parallel and Grid Computing
    • coupled models
    • software components
  • Hydrogeology
    • fracture networks
    • heterogeneous transient flow
    • saltwater intrusion
    • reactive transport

Keywords: Numerical algorithms Grid computing Hydrogeology