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RODEO Research team

High Speed Networks, Open Networks

  • Leader : Walid Dabbous
  • Research center(s) : CRI Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée
  • Field : Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture
  • Theme : Algorithms, Certification, and Cryptography

Team presentation

The main objective ot the project is to design, implement, and evaluate mechanisms that will allow the efficient and flexible use of heterogeneous networks.

Research themes

To achieve the above objective, we focus our activities in two main areas, namely:

  • Resource allocations and control: We are designing and developing flexible and high performance transmission control protocols which integrate mechanisms for resource allocation in the network, for multicast delivery, for flexible error control, etc. These protocols are used in particular in an audio application (FreePhone), a video application (RendezVous), and a distributed game application (MiMaze) over the Internet.
  • Architecture for high performance applications: We are designing and developing compiler based techniques to automatically generate efficient communication code tailored to the needs of distributed applications.
We expect the two research areas described above to eventually merge within the framework of the Application Level Framing (ALF) architecture. It will then be possible to take into account the specifications of an application, and to automatically generate tailored communication modules that handle both data transparency and synchronization, and transmission control for this application.

International and industrial relations

  • These activities are carried out in collaboration with French, European and international groups.
  • Activities on resource allocation and control are done within the European project Mice/Merci (with UCL, GMD, KTH and University of Oslo), with Cnet, Bull, and Dassault Électronique.
  • The activities on high performance applications are done in the context of the IT LTR project Hipparch (with UCL, SICS, UTS and Dassault Électronique).
  • Recent industrial collaborations aim at extending our work to new transmission media. With Eutelsat, we study the transmission of the Internet trafic over unidirectional links, such as satellite links, with terrestrial feedback.
  • We are also active in the working groups of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), dealing with protocols and mutlimedia applications.

Keywords: Computer network High-speed network Communication protocol Transmission control Videoconference Call-up of remote procedure Iso-osi Rnis Asn.1 Alf Ilp