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REGULARITY Research team

Probabilistic modelling of irregularity and application to uncertainties management

  • Leader : Jacques Lévy véhel
  • Research center(s) : CRI Saclay - Île-de-France
  • Field : Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation
  • Theme : Stochastic approaches
  • Partner(s) : Ecole Centrale Paris
  • Collaborator(s) : ECP

Team presentation

The aim of the Regularity team is to develop a coherent set of methods allowing to model essentially irregular phenomena (that is, phenomena where irregularity plays a functional role) in view of managing the uncertainties entailed by their irregularity.
On the theoretical side, our research focuses on the study of (local) regularity mostly in a probabilistic setting. Applications are in various fields where uncertainties need to be dealt with, such as biomedicine, pharmacodynamics, finance, ...

Research themes

Our main research axes include the study of:
  • the regularization dimension,
  • stochastic 2-microlocal analysis,
  • multifractal analysis,
  • multifractional brownian motion,
  • self-regulating processes,
  • multistable processes,
  • multiparameter processes,
with applications in:
  • the design of complex systems,
  • natural terrain modelling,
  • ECG analysis,
  • pharmacodynamics,
  • financial data analysis.

International and industrial relations

Research grants: DIGITEO DIM, CSDL.
Industrial collaborations: DASSAULT, EADS.
Academic collaborations: St Andrews University, Bar Ilan University, IMPAN, Acadia University, Nantes University.