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POTIOC Research team

Popular interaction with 3d content

Team presentation

The Potioc project-team explores new approaches “beyond the mouse” in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. More specifically, we are interested in approaches that favor rich interactions,both regarding interaction possibilities and perceptive feedback. Our objective is to increase immersion and engagement of users with regard to the interaction tasks. Final goals are the stimulation of creativity, improvement of learning or contribution to the well-being of people. For achieving these goals, we focus on the design, development and evaluation of new methods for “popular interaction” targeted at a large variety of users.



Research themes

To answer these questions, we apply a multidisciplinary approach that is based on

  • The study and modeling of sensory-motor and cognitive capacities of users. We notably work with experts in cognitive sciences for these questions.
  • The design and development of interactive devices that exploit 3D interaction, tangible interaction, virtual reality, augmented reality, brain-computer interfaces and physiological computing.
  • The grounding of our work on concrete usage scenarios and the exploration of new usages. In particular, we work with teachers, specialists in education sciences and mediators in museums.

International and industrial relations

Our current collaborations include:

  • The Immersion company
  • Airbus
  • Cap Sciences, which is dedicated to the widespread of scientific culture
  • University of Sussex
  • Ulster University
  • RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan
  • University of Freiburg, Germany

Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction Interaction techniques Tangible interaction Virtual reality Augmented reality Brain-computer interfaces 3D Multitouch General public Education Art