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Pervasive Interaction

  • Leader : James Crowley
  • Type : team
  • Research center(s) : Grenoble
  • Field : Perception, Cognition and Interaction
  • Theme : Robotics and Smart environments
  • Inria teams are typically groups of researchers working on the definition of a common project, and objectives, with the goal to arrive at the creation of a project-team. Such project-teams may include other partners (universities or research institutions)

Team presentation

Pervasive Interaction will develop theories and models for context aware, sociable interaction with systems and services that are dynamically composed from collections of interconnected smart objects.
The project is structured a focused 4-year project to explore the use of situation modelling as a technological foundation for situated behavior for smart objects.

The research program of Pervasive Interaction is designed to respond to the following four research questions:

Q1: What are the most appropriate computational techniques for acquiring and using situation models for situated behavior by smart objects?

Q2: What perception and action techniques are most appropriate for situated smart objects?

Q3: Can we use situation modeling as a foundation for sociable interaction with smart objects?

Q4: Can we use situated smart objects as a form of immersive media?

Research themes

RA1 Situation Models

RA2 Perception of People, Activities and Emotions

RA3 Sociable Interaction with Smart Objects

RA4 Interaction with Pervasive Smart Objects and Displays

International and industrial relations

Univ. Bielefeld, Department of NeuroCognition

Schneider Electric

Orange Labs

 MICA Research Institute, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam.