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PARKAS Research team

Parallélisme de Kahn Synchrone

Team presentation

The PARKAS project focuses on the design, semantics and compilation of high-level languages which allow to go, all the way down, from a parallel deterministic specification to a target embedded code that may execute on parallel (multi-core) architectures. The team bases its research on the theory and practice of synchronous languages, typed functional languages and modern compilation techniques (polyhedral compilation) to obtain provably safe and efficient code. The team develops languages and compilers (e.g., Lucid Synchrone, ReactiveML, contributions to GCC) used as vehicules for validating, communicating and transfering research results. Lucid Synchrone, for example, is the basis of the new SCADE 6 language commercialized since 2008 by Esterel-Technologies.

Research themes

- Design, semantics and implementation of synchronous languages. - Extensions of synchronous languages to target new applications (e.g., N-synchrony and relaxed synchrony for computer-intensive video applications, mixed continuous/discrete signals for modeling physical systems, dynamic creation for large scale simulations). - Type systems, static analysis of synchronous programs. - Code generation with proved efficiency and safety for sequential and parallel (multi-core) processors.

International and industrial relations

Esterel-Technologies; Dassault-Systèmes;

Keywords: Synchronous language; déterministic parallelism; semantics; typing; compilation; verification