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PARAGRAPHE Research team

Parallelism and Graphs

  • Leader : Philippe Darondeau
  • Research center(s) : CRI Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique
  • Field : Networks and systems
  • Theme : Distributed and Real-Time Programming

Team presentation

Paragraphe is a project of UMR Irisa that came to an end in June 2001. In this project were considered several algorithms for the synthesis of Petri nets, with applications to the parallelization, distribution, and supervision of transition systems. The goal is to help coping with these system engineering problems by offering black-box tools relying on linear algebra, which is central to Petri nets and which may lead to effective solutions rather far from the intuition. In a different, more fundamental, perspective, were also considered the algebraic and logical representations of Petri nets and their reachability graphs, and further, the properties of graphs with a regular structure, such as transition graphs of pushdown automata or event structures generated from one-safe Petri nets.

Research themes

  • realizing scenario languages by distributable Petri nets,
  • synthesizing asynchronous controllers in the context of Petri nets,
  • implementing Petri net synthesis,
  • formalizing Petri nets within linear logic.

About these topics, the project is involved in the french-polish cooperation protocol Catalysis (CNRS/IPIPAN).

Keywords: Petri net Synthesis Graph Regularity Self-modifying network Co-operative work