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ORION Research team

Intelligent environments for the resolution of problems for autonomous systems

  • Leader : Monique Thonnat
  • Research center(s) : CRI Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée
  • Field : Cognitive systems
  • Theme : Multimedia data: interpretation and man-machine interaction

Team presentation

ORION is a multi-disciplinary team at the frontier of computer vision, knowledge-based systems, and software engineering.

The ORION project-team is interested in research on intelligent reusable systems and cognitive vision.

Research themes

More precisely, our research themes deal with the design of intelligent systems based on knowledge representation, learning and reasoning techniques.

We study two levels of re-use: the reuse of programs and the re-use of tools for knowledge-based system design. We propose an original approach based on program supervision techniques which allow to plan modules (or programs) and to control their execution. Our researches concern the representation of knowledge of the programs and their use as well as planning reasoning techniques. Moreover, relying on state of the art practices in software engineering and in object-oriented languages we propose a platform to facilitate the construction of knowledge-based systems.

In cognitive vision we study two kinds of automatic image understanding: video sequence understanding and complex object recognition. Our researches thus concern the representation of the knowledge of objects, of events and of scenarios to recognise, as well as the reasoning processes useful for image understanding, like categorization for object recognition.

International and industrial relations

  • Participation to the european Climate and Environment project ASTHMA for automatic pollen image recognition. The other partners in this project are Zambon (Italy), ACRI (France), universities of Barcelona (Spain), Cordoba (Spain), Clermont (France), Nice Hospital Center(France), FISBAT (Italy) and PAMOC(France).

  • Participation to the european IST project ADVISOR Annotated Digital Video for Intelligent Surveillance and Optimised Retrieval with Racal Research (UK), Bull (France), The University of Reading (UK), King's College (UK) and Vigitec (Belgium).

  • Cooperation with Bull in the framework of Dyade activities for the development of intelligent visual-surveillance systems.

  • Contract with RATP for video interpretation.

  • Cooperation with ENSI, GRIFT/ASI of Tunis (Tunisia) in the framework of Franco-Tunisian coopérations.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence Program supervision Knowledge-based system Automatic learning Signal interpretation Planning Distributed artificial intelligence