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OPERA Research team

Tools for Electronic Documents, Research and applications

  • Leader : Vincent Quint
  • Research center(s) : CRI Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
  • Field : Human-computer interaction, images processing, data management, knowledge systems
  • Theme : Databases, Knowledge Bases, Cognitive Systems

Team presentation

The Opéra project focuses on electronic documents: technical documents hypertext, multimedia. Documents models are designed to represent various aspects of documents: logical structure, rendering, scheduling and multimedia contents. Editing and presentation techniques are also developed based on these models.

Research themes

  • Adaptable multimedia structured document models
    Models able to represent various kind of documents in a consistant way: structured documents, hypertext, multimedia. Models that allow documents to be adapted to the context (device, user, network bandwidth).
  • Structure transformations
    Transformation techniques and tools for XML documents.
  • Formatting structured multimedia documents
    Formatting is based on spatial and temporal relationships between objects in a multimedia document.
  • Authoring and viewing environments for structured multimedia documents
    Editing tools for multimedia documents taking advantage of a constraint based time model, well suited to incremental consistency checking.
    Viewing environment providing high level services such as temporal navigation, synchronization, network access, due to a predictive-reactive scheduling approach.
  • Software
    • LimSee, a temporal editor for SMIL documents.
    • Video-Editor, a framework for editing the structure of video objects and for their integration in multimedia documents.
    • MIP-Phone, a multimedia mail system for 3G phones.
    • i-XSLT, an incremantal version of the Xalan transformation engine.
    • VXT, an interactive environment based on a visual language for programming transformations of XML documents.

International and industrial relations

  • Collaboration with Alcatel:
    client/server negociation for adapting multimedia documents.
  • Collaboration with Alcatel-Bell:
    creating and deploying new services on the Internet for heterogeneous environments.
  • Collaboration with Airbus:
    generic models for multimedia documents.
  • Collaboration with Xerox (XRCE):
    visual languages for document transformations.
  • Participating in W3C:
    development of the SMIL language and the Amaya Web editor/browser.
  • Collaboration with Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil):
    designing a cooperative multimedia environement for the Web, based on workflow technologies.
  • Collaboration with Algiers University:
    adaptation and security of UMTS multimedia services.