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NUMED Research team

Numerical Medicine

Team presentation

The aim of the NUMED project-team is to develop complex mathematical models (based on partial differential equations) to simulate the evolution of several pathologies (cancer, stroke) integrating heterogenous data coming from different scales (molecular pathway, cell, tissue, organ, ...) and taking into account the spatiality of the biological phenomena. Numerical simulation techniques coupled to parameter estimation methods aim at predicting and optimizing therapies efficacy.

Research themes

New mathematical and computer science methods and programs will be developed to address the following three major issues:

  • problems linked to new numerical challenges coming from the large variety of time scales and the spatial complexity of the anatomy of many organs.
  • problems linked to parametrization of models (large parameters uncer- tainty, severe differences between in vivo and in vitro measures, patient based optimization of therapies, statistical aspects).

International and industrial relations

  • Project team MC2, Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
  • Team "Therapeutic Targeting in Oncology" from University Lyon 1
  • Lyon-Sud Hospital
  • East Lyon Hospital

  • Projet team Asclepios, Inria Sophia

Keywords: Biomathematical models Simulations Optimisation Cancer Neurological diseases Infection