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MYRIADS Research team

Design and Implementation of Autonomous Distributed Systems

Team presentation

The MYRIADS research team objectives are to design and implement systems and environments for autonomous service and resource management in distributed virtualized infrastructures. We intend to tackle the challenges of dependable application execution and efficient resource management in the future Internet of Services. The MYRIADS research team aims at guaranteeing Service Level Agreements (SLA) in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and at managing resources in virtualized infrastructures in order to provide Quality of Service (QoS) to resource users and efficient resource management (energy efficiency, business efficiency...) to resource suppliers.

Research themes

The MYRIADS team's research activities are organized along three main work directions: - design and implementation of system services for the autonomous management of virtualized infrastructures, - design and implementation of environments for the dynamic adaptation of service-based applications, - investigation of a chemical approach for autonomous service computing.

International and industrial relations

The MYRIADS research team is involved in several European projects: - S-cube Network of Excellence on the Internet of services, - XtreemOS integrated project on the design and implementation of a Grid distributed operating system, - Scalus Marie Curie training network on data storage in distributed systems, - ERCIM CoreGrid working group on Grid and Cloud computing. We also participate in many national projects: - AUTOCHEM ANR project on the chemical approach for service oriented applications programming and execution in the framework of the White programme, - ECOGRAPPE ANR project on energy conservation in clusters in the framework of the ARPEGE programme, - COOP ANR project on resource management in HPC runtimes in the framework of the COSINUS project. We also have a collaboration with EDF R&D. The MYRIADS research team is involved in several international collaborations: - SER-OS INRIA associated team with ORNL on systems for virtualized computing in frastructures and application resilience, - DataClouds@Work INRIA associated team with Kerdata research team and POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest. We also have contacts with the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), the University of Chicago and Rutgers University in the US.

Keywords: Distributed systems Services Autonomous Systems Adaptation Cloud computing Fog computing Edge computing