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MUTANT Research team

Synchronous Realtime Processing and Programming of Music Signals

  • Leader : Jean-louis Giavitto
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture
  • Theme : Embedded and Real-time Systems
  • Partner(s) : CNRS,Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM),Sorbonne Université (UPMC)

Team presentation

The MuTant project lies at the intersection of two important problems in Computer Music:

  • Realtime Recognition and Extraction of musical data from audio signals. (Machine Listening)
  • Realtime Synchronous Programming in Computer Music.

The coupling of the two themes, often considered as disjoint, is at the heart of music practice (from music composition to performance). The idea is bring such capabilities to computers on both music composition (programming) and music performance (realtime synchronous), as in the image of their human counterparts.

MuTant is hosted at Ircam, a world leader in sound and music computing, as a joint project between Ircam, Inria and CNRS. MuTant develops the award-winning Antescofo software for real-time music composition and performance with computers.

Research themes

  • Machine Listening: The ability to infer musical knowledge out of realtime audio signals using machine learning techniques.
  • Information Geometry: Study and applications of new representational techniques for extraction of high-level music information out of realtime audio, by employing the methods of information geometry.
  • Realtime Synchronous Language for Interactive Music:Study, formalization and development of a synchronous realtime language for interactive art using latest techniques in the literature and adapted to artistic practices.
  • Formal and Musical Verfication: Study and formalization of verification techniques for realtime and embedded programs in multimedia arts.

International and industrial relations

  • French ANR project INEDIT on Interactivity in the Writing of Time and Interactions

Keywords: Computer Music Realtime Machine Learning Interaction