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MUSE Research team

Measuring networks for enhancing USer Experience

  • Leader : Renata Cruz teixeira
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing
  • Theme : Networks and Telecommunications

Team presentation

Muse stands for “Measuring networks for enhancing User Experience”. Our research is mostly in the area of network measurements. We focus on developing new algorithms and systems to improve user experience online. In particular, we are addressing two main problems of today’s Internet users:

  1. Technology is too complex. Most Internet users are not tech-savvy and hence cannot fix performance problems and anomalous network behavior by themselves. The complexity of most Internet applications makes it hard even for networking experts to fully diagnose and fix problems. Users can’t even know whether they are getting the Internet performance that they are paying their providers for.
  2. There is too much content. Users are often lost when deciding which articles to read or which movie to watch, for instance.

Research themes

Read more about our current projects here.

International and industrial relations

Muse works in collaboration with a number of industrial and academic partners. The research on understanding user perception of network performance is funded under the European project called User-Centric Networking. We will be working more closely with University of Nottingham, Technicolor, and Portugal Telecom. The research on developing home network diagnosis tools is funded by a Google/M-Lab grant and by Technicolor. We will work in collaboration with Technicolor, Georgia Tech, University of California Berkeley and International Institute of Computer Science.