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MISTRAL Research team

Modeling of Computer Systems and Telecommunication Networks : Research and Software Development

  • Leader : Philippe Nain
  • Research center(s) : CRI Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée
  • Field : Networks and systems
  • Theme : Networks and Telecommunications

Team presentation

Mistral is devoted to building and solving mathematical models, developing algorithmic tools and softwares for analyzing, evaluating, optimizing and controlling the performance of random discrete-event systems and, in particular, of communication networks and protocols. The nature of the research is both fundamental with the study of various formalisms (queueing theory, game theory, Markov decision processes, etc.) and applied with the objective of obtaining qualitative and quantitative insights on network behavior.

Research themes

  • Development of mathematical models (usually stochastic) and their analytical or numerical solution.
  • Validation of models on testbeds or by simulations.
  • Development of modeling softwares and prototypes.

International and industrial relations

  • Collaborations with the universities of VU (Amsterdam), Columbia (New York), Illinois (Urbana Champaign), Los Andes (ULA, Venezuela), Maryland (College Park), Massachusetts (Amherst), Saint Petersbourg (Russia), South Australia (Adelaide), Tsukuba (Japan), and with CWI (Amsterdam), IBM (Yorktown Heights) and Technion (Israel).
  • Collaborations with Alcatel Space Industries (traffic modeling, planification and optimization of satellite networks), France Telecom (application of game theory to networks, flow control, generation of Web traffic, performance evaluation of gigabit networks), Cegetel, CS Telecom and Delta Partners (modeling of multimedia traffic for IP/MPLS networks).

Keywords: Modelling Discrete-event system Queue network Petri net Computer system Communication protocol Parallelism Ordering Stochastic process Simulation