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MIRAGES Research team

Manipulation of images for enhanced reality and generation of special effects

  • Leader : Andre Gagalowicz
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Perception, Cognition, Interaction
  • Theme : Interaction and Visualization

Team presentation

The scientific scope of the MIRAGES team is the generation and the manipulation of three-dimensional objects within image sequences, with applications in the creation of new multimedia services (relative to these objects), using emerging high-bandwidth networks (such as next-generation Internet).

Research themes

Our research currently follows two directions:
  • 3D video analysis: the manipulation of video streams targets the 3D analysis of objects, via the recovery of their geometric and photometric properties, as well as of apparent motion computation. Our approach differs from the standard techniques that exploit solely images , by making use of all a priori knowledge (such as 3D motion and structure models) to guide the computation. Our major application is the creation of special effects for video post-production.
  • creation and deformation of 3D models in relation to human beings. We're currently focused on the realistic modeling of textiles and apparels for applications in virtual CAD design and on-line retailing of made-to-fit garments.

International and industrial relations

  • Partnership with the postproduction company MikrosImage in the PRIAMM contract entitled "VIP3D", on the subject of face tracking in video sequences
  • Partnership with the INRIA Merlin team and the Lectrasystems company on the Eureka "COMEDIA" project, on the subject of clothing simulation and design.
  • Collaboration with the French National Golf Federation and the ExMachina production company, on the study of cutting-edge methods for 3D motion analysis, espcially with respect to the swing motion.

Keywords: Three-dimensional objects Textile Simulation 3D video analysis Special effects Image sequences