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MINGUS Research team

MultI-scale Numerical Geometric Schemes

Team presentation

The research group MINGuS focuses on the mathematical and numerical analysis of partial differential equations (possibly stochastic), originating from plasma physics and nanotechnologies, with emphasis on multiscale phenomena either of highly-oscillatory, dissipative or stochastic types. These equations can be encountered in applications to rarefied gas dynamics, radiative transfer or plasma physics, for which the multiscale character is modelled by a scale physical parameter.

Research themes

Mathematical research axis

  • mathematical analysis of (S)PDEs 
  • numerical analysis of multi-scale schemes 


  • plasma physics (Vlasov equation)
  • quantum physics (Schrödinger equation)
  • population dynamics

International and industrial relations

Academic partners 

  • University Madison-Wisconsin

  • National University Singapore

  • Université de Genève

  • University of Innsbruck

  • Max Planck Institute Garching

Industrial partners 

  • CEA