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MATHNEURO Research team

Mathematics for Neuroscience

Team presentation

The research of the MathNeuro team focuses on the applications of multi-scale dynamics to neuroscience. This involves the modelling and analysis of systems with multiple time scales and space scales, as well as stochastic effects. We look both at single-cell models, microcircuits and large networks. In terms of neuroscience, we are mainly interested in questions related to synaptic plasticity and neuronal excitability, in particular in the context of pathological states such as epileptic seizures and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer.

Research themes

  • Network modelling: from stochastic to deterministic / from discrete to continuous
  • Heteroclinic dynamics in neural networks and neural fields
  • Complex oscillations with multiple temporal and spatial scales in neural activity
  • Mean-field for neuronal networks
  • Synaptic modelling

International and industrial relations

  • UK: University of Bristol, University College London, University of Nottingham
  • Spain: Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (Bilbao), Polytechnic University of Catalunya  (Barcelona), University of the Balearic Islands (Palma), University of Sevilla
  • Denmark: Technical University of Denmark (Lyngby)
  • USA: University of California Berkeley, University of Pittsburgh, Salk Institute (San Diego)
  • Australia: University of Sydney
  • New Zealand: University of Auckland

Keywords: Slow-fast systems; mean field; heteroclinic dynamics; McKean-Vlasov equation; synaptic plasticity; neuronal excitability;