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MAIA Research team

Autonomous intelligent machine

  • Leader : François Charpillet
  • Research center(s) : CRI Nancy - Grand Est
  • Field : Perception, Cognition and Interaction
  • Theme : Data and Knowledge Representation and Processing
  • Partner(s) : CNRS,Université de Lorraine
  • Collaborator(s) : CNRS, INRIA

Team presentation

The issues we are concerned with belong to the field of artificial intelligence (A.I.). We approach our objectives according to the two complementary approaches of A.I.-imitating the intelligent aspects of the behavior of biological entities, or designing models that can endow one or several agent with capabilities usually attributed to intelligence, without necessarily trying to draw inspiration from the underlying cognitive processes. Our work in this context concerns the design of computer agents capable of perceiving their surroundings, interpreting it and taking action in a relatively autonomous fashion.


Research themes

  • Distributed artificial intelligence. Study of interaction and organization phenomena, algorithm and interpretation agent steering, simulation, problem solving.
  • Solving problems with resource constraints. Design, modeling and steering of "anytime" algorithms.
  • Stochastic decision models for planning and perception. Markovian decision processes (MDP), partially observable Markovian decision processes (POMDP).
  • Interpretation of industrial and medical signals.



International and industrial relations

  • Participation in Esprit programs (projects AITRAS, REAKT, REAKTANSE)
  • Agreements with EDF, Dassault aviation, IRSID.
  • Participation in the incentive initiative of INRIA's scientific management on the solution of problems with limited resources (together with projects OMEGA, ORION and SHERPA).
  • Participation in an NSF-INRIA project with the "Bounded Resource Reasoning Research Group" of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
  • Participation in the Information-Interaction-Intelligence (I3) GdR-PRC