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MADYNES Research team

Management of dynamic networks and services

  • Leader : Isabelle Chrisment
  • Research center(s) : CRI Nancy - Grand Est
  • Field : Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing
  • Theme : Networks and Telecommunications
  • Partner(s) : CNRS,Université de Lorraine
  • Collaborator(s) : CNRS, INRIA

Team presentation

The goal of the research project-team is to design, validate and deploy novel management and control paradigms and software architectures able to cope with :
  1. the growing dynamicity of both telecommunication infrastructures and services,
  2. the scalability issues induced by the ubiquitous Internet.

Research themes

The project addresses two complementary areas :
The first one, called Autonomous Management, focuses on the evolution of management paradigms in order to establish the foundation and the basic infrastructure for autonomous management solutions. Following research topics are addressed in this direction :
  • the design of models and methods enabling self organization of management entities,
  • the evaluation of communication architectures based on peer-to-peer and application level routing principles together with novel approaches to the representation of management information,
  • modeling and benchmarking of management infrastructures.
The second area, called Functional areas extends the above foundations through three of its major functional areas, namely :
  • security : new key distribution protocols and infrastructures for privacy,
  • service configuration and provisioning : automation of processes ranging from service subscription to service deployment and service activation,
  • measurment and analysis : automated instrumentation, tuning, monitoring and measurment models for end-to-end service quality assesment.

The Next Generation Internet is the main application field of our research. Its architecture and the services that it is planed to support offer all dynamic and scalability features that we address in the two research directions of the project.

International and industrial relations

The project-team has many ongoing cooperations with both public and industrial research laboratories worldwide. We have priviledged ongoing cooperations with : LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse, France), LIP6 (Paris, France), ENST (Paris, France), INSA de Lyon (France), LSR-IMAG (Grenoble, France), Twente University (The Netherlands), Concordia University (Montréal, Canada), UQAM (Montréal, Canada), Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia).

Current industrial partners are : Alcatel, France Telecom R&D and Thalès.

These cooperations are strenghened through our participation to many national and international research programs (RNRT, RNTL, ACI, AS CNRS, 6Net, EUNICE) as well as standardization and research bodies like the NMRG within IRTF.

Keywords: Network and service management Monitoring Configuration Security Perfomance